Yoga is all about Purpose. This is how I get it. All directions are open, every way is a good way as long as it reflects what you are and want to be. Everybody has lost his purpose sometime but nobody got lost forever. And all of us needs a Purpose whatever it may be. My vision of yoga isn’t related with a specific philosophy or religion. Yoga is a practice that puts you in touch with your body and mind, with your desires, emotions and thoughts, sometimes also with your emptiness. Yoga means re-union. Reuniting different aspects of yourself. From this state of being with yourself I wish you to find your Purpose or to envision a way to carry on with yours. Let’s go into this journey!

Yoga makes you an observer of your body, emotions, thoughts and breath. When you practice Asana (body postures) you develop a sensitivity to your body motion and to your states of mind and right after you become aware of your breath. When you incorporate your breath into your practice and learn how to deal with it, in that very moment, you reach the heart of Yoga.

What to expect from a WildfloW class?

WildfloW style allows for a lot of variety of yoga poses from one class to the next, but will almost always include a certain scheme called Sun Salutations. Each class can be fast or slow, can include inversions or can be very alignment oriented anyway, expect movement, not just stretching. Some classes include some warm up stretches at the beginning while others launch straight into standing poses as WildfloW makes use of aspects of any number of traditions. The one thing you can be sure its the flow between poses.

WildfloW strength is in its diversity. There is no single philosophy or sequence that the teacher must follow. If you appreciate having things a little loose and like to keep moving, this style is definitely worth a try.


Welcome to WildfloW Yoga classes!



“Jini ist sehr zuverlässig, verantwortungsvoll und top motiviert. Sie verfügt über hohe Sozialkompetenz, ist zuvorkommend und hilfsbereit. Sie erteilt die ihr anvertrauten Yoga-Lektionen äusserst professionell zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit. Ihre Lektionen sind immer sehr gut besucht. Sie versteht es ausgezeichnet, zu animieren und die Lektionen jeweils den verschiedensten Kunden anzupassen. Sie legt viel Wert auf eine gute Kundenbeziehung und Teilnehmertreue. Das Verhalten von Jini gegenüber Vorgesetzten und Mitarbeitenden ist jederzeit sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend.”

Danielle Berger

Regionalleitung Group Fitness, Activ Fitness

Very refreshing and precise teacher! Excellent balance between spirituality and physical challenge. I love Jini’s yoga!!!”end.

Cornelia Seitler

Founder and Producer at Maximage GmbH Filmproduktion

“I have the luck to be able to go to Jini’s yoga classes at work. With her Portuguese charm, she has a great style that she adapts to the needs of the people in the class, sometimes harder training, sometimes more flow and relaxation. I always feel totally good after each class. Being new at Yoga, at first it was a bit foreign to me that she sings at the start and the end of the hour. But now I really like this part as well. I can only recommend Jini’s classes!”

Bibiana Bucher

HR Generalist at Hewlett-Packard (Schweiz) GmbH

“I have taken weekly single training sessions with Jini for more than a year and am very happy to have found such a committed and experienced yoga teacher for my personal development. Her technical skills are outstanding and due to the fact that she has spent quite some time in India she has a very intimate and profound knowledge of the inner workings of Yoga which differentiates her to a lot of Yoga teachers in Switzerland that I know.”

Peter Zanella

Head of Benefits & Retirement Solutions at Towers Watson in Zurich

“Ich habe während meinen Abschlussprüfungen an der Uni einen Ausgleich im Yoga gesucht. Schon bevor ich zu Jini 2011 in Zürich ihre Stunden besucht habe, praktizierte ich ein wenig Yoga. Bei Jini habe ich damals mit Yoga eine ganz neue Erfahrung gemacht, die mich so sehr faszinierte, dass ich heute weiterhin zu jini in die Klasse gehe. Nun bin ich selbst auf dem Weg Yoga-Lehrerin zu werden. Jini besitzt enorm viel Energie, die sie anderen Menschen mit Herzlichkeit weiter gibt. Aussedem ist sie der perfekte Coach und Motivator.”

Silvia Bellani

Sozialpädagogin, Sozialpädagogisches Zentrum Gfellergut

“Jini ist seit sechs Monaten meine Yoga-Lehrerin. Ihr hoher Anspruch an sich selber und damit verbunden die Vermittlung von Professionalität an mich als Schüler erlebe ich als einzigartig. Ihr Unterricht ist vielseitig und abwechslungsreich. Er ermöglicht mir Einblicke in die verschiedenen Gebiete des Yoga.”

Christian Blatti

Vizedirektor bei der Swiss Life AG

“In the beginning of 2013 I started your classes. Since then, you have been guiding us with great care from our previous level to the next level of deepening and developing our yoga practice (variations are given to suit the level of our individual experience).Through subtle traditional breath work and strong physically oriented movement you find the right balance between guidance and empowerment in order to make us explore the practice by ourselves.I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with humor and naturally. Always fun.”

Nadege Canedi

Silhouette Fitness (Nordbrücke), Zürich

“Jini heisst Licht und bringt Licht! Ich schätze ihre Kapazität auf die jeweilige Tagesform einzugehen, zu fordern ohne zu überfordern , so dass man sich nach dem Yogaunterricht rundum wohl fühlt.”

Brigitte Hofer

Founder and Producer at Maximage GmbH Filmproduktion

Find your wild.