“Concerning Meditation I prefer not to give a definition of it (as it is contradictory with it’s own essence) and leave you the words of Ramana Maharshi written by Devotee Kunju Swami on what Ramana Maharshi said about Sadhan (From July 1966 Mountain Path ). I do hope these wise words can give you an insight of what Meditation is.”
Om Tat Sat


Talk 68

What is the difference between meditation and distraction?
Sri Ramana: No difference. When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation. However, meditation is only practice (as distinguished from the real state of Peace.)
Devotee: How to practice meditation?
Sri Ramana: Keep off thoughts.

Talk 220

Mr. B. C. Das, the Physics Lecturer, asked: Contemplation is possible only with control of mind and control can be accomplished only by contemplation. Is it not a vicious circle?
Sri Ramana: Yes, they are interdependent. They must go on side by side. Practice and dispassion bring about the result gradually. Dispassion is practised to check the mind from being projected outward; practice is to keep it turned inward. There is a struggle between control and contemplation. It is going on constantly within. Contemplation will in due course be successful. (…)


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