I grew up in Lisbon and since i remember myself I was intensively searching for the answers to certain questions as “Who am I ?” “Why I am myself and not the other?” “What is this world about?”, “For what do we live for? Very early I was introduced on Yoga Philosophy by my brother (first readings by Yogi Ramacharaka) Theosophy (the works of Annie Besant and Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine) and started to participate in meetings of different societies, The Portuguese Theosophical Society, Rosicrucians among others. The search for the meaning of Existence, Intentionality and Motivation have been, since always, big question marks in my life.

Apart from philosophical/ethical tendencies I developed great enthusiasm about Science and what scientific theories and experiments could say or show about the Real (its concept, ground and behavior). I used to consider Neuroscience as one of the possible keys to open our understanding of how we capture or create reality. I was delighted by reading scientific divulgation works as the ones by Antonio Damasio (Descarte’s Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human brain or The feeling of what Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness) and by Steven Pinker e.g. How the mind works. Through these studies I was trying to understand what the Mind and the Consciousness could be.

Despite exploring different possibilities I never got attached to a specific view of the world and, as I was missing direction, I decided to do a MA in Philosophy. Far from answering those fundamental questions, Philosophy studies broadened the spectrum of my search. My philosophical interest focused on Phenomenology (Edmund Husserl’s view’s on the subjective experience and consciousness) and later on the ontological field of Metaphysics and Martin Heidegger’s critics on traditional ontology (my final dissertation was about the concept of Philosophy and the concept of Time).

After a period of digging in the ontological perspective of the world life turned me to center in questions of a more ethical concern…was when I started struggling with this one ‘What is worth to live?’. I began to think seriously on the necessity and value of making decisions.

Intending to settle down my views I made a post graduation in Information Sciences and worked as a Librarian, had a lot of time to read while immersed in a down to earth educational environment until the day a certain unrest made me move to London to make a MA in Curatorship and Art critics at Chelsea College. I was convinced that Art was a possibility of expressing ”the things themselves” through a concrete expression, a materialization of What Is. I was fascinated by how Art works deeply affect people through different mediums, more or less conceptual, disclosing meaning, emotion and sensation. The relation between reachable/unreachable in Art was very fascinating to me. After that, I guess I just became more political.

Along with my studies I always practiced sports, ballet, gymnastics and fitness, before practicing yoga in a regular basis. In 2007, I focused intensely on Yoga that I recognized as a transformative practice but, at that time, I had a very physical approach. I could notice and profit from a great emotional well being after an intense asana practice but no more than that. Since then I performed a variety of yoga styles (Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Kundalini) to understand which was the most adequate for my temperament.

From 2009 to 2011 I have been traveling by bicycle from Portugal to India (20,000 km overland via the Middle East and Africa, 34 counties) participating in classes across Europe and with the intention of deepening my Yoga practice I went to live in Rishikesh, on the foot of the Himalaya. There I dedicated my time to the study of the ancient classical Hindu scriptures (Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Tatvva Bhoda and the Patanjali Yoga Sutras ) and assisted to the three months daily lectures of Swami Dharmananda on the Science of Yoga and Indian Spirituality while practicing Hatha Yoga (with a strong Iyengar influence) with the teacher Surinder Singh. To preserve my inner and physical discipline I decided to make a YTT Course at Yoga Vidya, Kerala (certified by Yoga Alliance) studying Raja Yoga with Swamiji Yogeshananda and Hatha Yoga with Bhooma Chaitanya. As I was also intrigued on the Tantra tradition I made a short course on Kundalini Yoga in Leh, Ladakh with Agama Yoga school.

Living in India brought me to a place of understanding that philosophical principles without living experience are poor and without real meaning. To get to that condition, India was the missing piece on my puzzle.

One beautiful day of hot sun, as many in India, I met my Guruji and that was my point of no return. By coincidence or synchronicity we were living in the same ashram, Ved Niketan, Swargashram. I never expected such an intriguing and, at the same time, cosy meeting with a Vedanta Master. He was simply there…His teachings and the only fact of His Presence along with the practice of Meditation allowed me the apprehension of Yoga as a complete way of living.

In the end of 2011, I came to Switzerland to live and to teach Yoga. I developed my own style of teaching adapted from both traditional and modern forms of Yoga, having a vision of this practice both as a Physical and Energetical Therapy. To make it simple, I call my own style under the general name of Vinyasa Flow Yoga as I make use of the Vinyasa method of practicing. I travelled to Rishikesh, India, again, where i stayed the last three months of 2015 in retreat, meditating 10 hours per day under the supervision of my Yoga Master. In the beginning of 2016 I decided to come to live in Portugal, in Lisbon, where i now teach everything i have learned before.



A Life journey…

Lisboa to Beirute



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One shot, one opportunity.