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(WildfloW Yoga) from 13.00pm to 14.00pm at Ginásio Clube Português.

(Hot Yoga) from 19.00pm to 20.30 at Yoga Live Academy (2 min. Metro Anjos).



(Pilates) from 11.30 ás 12.30 at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).

(WildfloW Yoga) from 13.00pm to 14.00pm at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).

(WildfloW Yoga) from 19.00pm to 20.00pm at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).



(WildfloW Yoga) from 13.00pm ás 14.00pm at Ginásio Clube Português.

(Hot Yoga) from 19.30 to 21.00pm at Yoga Live Academy (2 min. Metro Anjos).



(WildfloW Yoga) from 13.00pm to 14.00pm at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).

(WildfloW Yoga) from 19.00pm to 20.00pm at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).



(WildfloW Yoga) from 13.00pm ás 14.00pm at Ginásio Clube Português.

(Pilates) from 18.30 ás 19.30 at Quinta from Conchas (2 min. Metro).



(Exercícios Respiratórios + Meditação) from 11.00pm to 12.00pm at Ginásio Clube Português.

(WildfloW Yoga) from from 12.00pm to 13.00pm at Ginásio Clube Português.

Group Classes

My classes consist in a flowing sequence of Yoga poses (asanas) sometimes taken in their traditional and other times in their modern form. A practice with a strong emphasis on the breath and that also contemplates alignment. The sequence of each class changes having in mind a preliminary focus on regular health and it often contemplates detailed work on specific body parts.

WildFlow Yoga with a correct breathing improves physical strength and flexibility what I see as a vehicle to vitality and a healthy body. The class ends with a short relaxation.

Private classes

In private classes I focus my attention on correcting body postures and ailments using methodologies of Yoga as Therapy. I also teach Pranayama (how to use the breath in coping with the Prana) and give Yoga Nidra (Yoga techniques related with the Sleep) and Reiki sessions (Japanese Method that balances the body and the emotional field of a person) when required. These classes are taught either in studio or at the student’s residence.

Corporate Yoga

I teach small group classes of employees at various companies (in the company or at the Yoga studio) in their preferential days and time.

I teach in Portuguese (but I can also teach in English and in Spanish and understand French, Italian and basic German, for the case you need further information after the class).

The Yoga Vidya Teachers Course (YTT) I made is certified by Yoga Alliance.

The exigency of Corporate life often creates a substantial amount of stress to people who usually don’t have sufficient time to dislocate over lunch or working hours to practice the amount of exercise that allows them to keep physically and mentally healthy.

Intensive work schedule and sitting for long durations coupled with working on computers tend to bring about many kinds of ailments like shoulder, back and shoulders pain, eye strain, headaches among others.

Having in mind all those recurrent situations, but thinking mostly about prevention, I design Corporate Yoga sessions to manage the following commonly occurring issues:

Back and shoulders pain – Due to long hours of forward bending the cervical area the upper back suffer a lot of strain that leads to body stiffness. Not dealing with this symptoms adequately can cause cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondiliosis, fibromyoglia etc. Simple movements can be incorporated in one’s daily schedule that’ll help in combating the pain and flex the muscles adequately.

Repetitive stress injury – excessive usage of hands (palms, fingers) and the inadequate position of wrists and elbows may cause injury. The muscle contracts and gets inflamed indicated by numbness or tickling sensation in hands that might radiate to shoulder and neck. Easy to practice ergonomic exercises at regular intervals during the day can prevent such injuries.

Excess fat around abdomen – Sitting for such long hours in front of the computer without any movement can be really brutal over the abdomen. Due to lack of movement fat doesn’t get metabolized. A few forward bending and twisting asana (body postures) can be significantly effective to reduce the belly fat.


Stress Management

Lack of concentration – The simplest way to manage the inability to focus or concentrate is to monitor our breathing. There are certain Yoga practices (Pranayama, Mudra and Guided Concentration) that can help in instantly directing the mind in one direction.

Inability to relax – Tons of meeting and excessive multitasking strains and drains the mind and makes the individual restless and hassled. Yoga Asanas (Yoga exercises) and easy concentration practices can effectively relax one’s mind. This is definitely the key as far as stress management goes.

Stress Management Program

Pranayama – breathing techniques for inner strength, inner purifications and stress management.

Mindfulness – easy & guided concentration to help attentiveness and stress relief.

WildfloW – yoga postures to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, ailment cure and stress relief.

Yoga Nidra – easy Relaxation & stress reduction technique.

You can choose to make the complete Office Package Program, only WildfloW or a combination of different techniques accordingly with the expectations and objectives of your company


I can help you tailor an effective solution that fits your company’s culture.

As long as you have the lust and a room available in your office, you can start Office Yoga at a time of your preference (Breakfast Yoga, Lunch Yoga or Tea Yoga) having your employees and colleagues participating in a small Yoga class.

*Sitting arrangement may be at your board room, cafeteria, gymnasium, conference room, classroom, empty office, work stations, open garden/lobby.

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